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 Standard Button   Products Rating Voltage Outside Dimension AR2535 25A-35A 20-43V 10.16 mm AR25 Series 25A-35A 100-1000V 10.16 mm AR35 Series 25A-35A 100-1000V 10.16 mm  
 TO-220 Button  Products Rating Voltage Outside Dimension TMR2401~TMR2406 25A-35A 20-43V 10(ℓ) * 15(W) * 29(L) mm TSR2401 ~ TSR2406 25A-35A 100-1000V 10(ℓ) * 15(W) * 29(L) mm
Dish Diodes
 Dish Diodes  Products Rating Voltage Outside Dimension DL25P/N 25A 20-24V 8.5±0.1 mm DE25P/N 25A 24-32V 8.5±0.1mm DC25P/N 25A 34-40V 8.5±0.1mm DF25P/N 25A 38-43V 8.5±0.1mm DV25P/N 25A 100-1000V 8.5±0.1mm DL30P/N ~ DL50P/N 30A-50A 20-24V 9.5±0.1mm DE30P/N ~ DE50P/N 30A-50A 24-32V 9.5±0.1mm DC30P/N ~ DC50P/N 30A-50A 34-40V 9.5±0.1mm DF30P/N ~ DF50P/N 30A-50A 38-43V 9.5±0.1mm DV30P/N ~ DV50P/N 30A-50A 100-1000V 9.5±0.1mm    

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Actron Technology Corporation was established in November 1998, primarily specializes in automotive diode, alternator, regulator, and ABS (Anti-lock Brake System) controls.

Actron’s advanced automotive technology and manufacturing efficiency in designing and developing of electronic components of vehicles have earned its strong reputation and support of world’s major automakers.

Actron, a certified supplier of the Big 6 automakers, continues to focus its growth by building and maintaining strong partnerships with each of its customers and suppliers.

Actron Technology Corporation is currently the biggest qualified automotive diode supplier in the world.


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